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A Guide for Those Injured in a Parking Lot

Posted by Paul Schneiderman | Oct 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

Picture this: you're riding high following another Seahawks home victory at Lumen Field. You're walking towards your vehicle, perhaps in the North Lot or Field Garage, when suddenly you feel intense pain. Perhaps you've been struck by a vehicle, sprained an ankle in a pothole, slipped and fell on a hidden hazard, or were injured under other circumstances.

You may not even need to picture this scenario—you may have lived it. Parking lot injuries are commonplace and often serious. If you have suffered an injury of any kind while in a parking lot at Lumen Field or elsewhere, you should:

1)   Seek Medical Attention

If you have yet to seek medical attention for your injuries, do so as soon as possible. Medical professionals can:

  • Diagnose your injuries
  • Treat your injuries
  • Ensure that your injuries do not become worse
  • Provide instruction for at-home care
  • Provide documentation of your injuries and any medical treatment that you receive

It is important to create a clear record of your injuries. Such records may establish where you suffered your injuries and the precise time you were injured. Your medical records will also show the nature and severity of your injuries.

2)   Contact the Law Office of Paul J. Schneiderman

I urge you to contact my firm even before your contact the authorities. You may be flustered and confused following a parking lot injury. If you speak to authorities while in a confused or diminished state, you may misspeak or unwittingly provide false information.

I will ensure that you are safe and have enough time to process the events that caused your injuries. Then, I will contact the authorities and help you provide an official statement. The resulting police report may be a critical piece of evidence as my firm seeks compensation. My firm can still assist you if you have already spoken to authorities about your injuries.

3)   Rest and Recover

A parking lot injury will likely take time to heal. As you rest and receive treatment for your injuries, Paul J. Schneiderman will lead your case. I will answer questions like:

What circumstances led to your injury?

Who is liable for your injuries and related losses?

What are all of your damages, and what is their monetary cost?

What is the appropriate way to pursue compensation?

These are the sort of questions that my firm routinely answers for its clients. With roots in the Seattle area, the Law Office of Paul J. Schneiderman proudly supports Seahawks fans (and non-fans) with their personal injury claims. Call me today at (206) 464-1952. I will fight for the financial recovery that you are entitled to.

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