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Sports & Stuff Radio Show Archive

April 23, 2019: Sports & Stuff E47 - Paul interviews former Husky baseball player and coach, and author of a new book about the Seattle Metropolitans hockey team, Kevin Ticen. audio

April 16, 2019: Sports & Stuff E46 - Paul interviews baseball author and historian Steven Steinberg. audio

March 26, 2019: Sports & Stuff E 45 - Paul interviews former college basketball coach, author, basketball consultant, and speaker Randy Brown. audio

March 12, 2019: Sports & Stuff E44 - Paul interviews author Jay Paris on his new book about baseball player Shohei Ohtani. audio

February 26, 2019: Sports & Stuff E43 - Paul interviews Olympic skier Deb Armstrong. audio

February 5, 2019: Sports & Stuff E42 - Paul interviews author Ruth Hanford Morhard about her new book Mrs. Morhard and the Boys, the inspirational story of the woman who established the first boys baseball league in America.' audio

January 15 2019: Sports & Stuff E40 - Paul interviews former Seattle Times sports columnist Steve Kelley about Seattle-area sports happenings . audio

December 25 2018: Sports & Stuff E39 - Paul interviews former University of Washington football coach and Seahawks assistant Keith Gilbertson about his career and all things football. audio

December 11 2018: Sports & Stuff E38 - Paul interviews Emmy award-winning sports broadcasting industry figure and author Keith Hirshland with cohost Rick Dupree. audio

December 4 2018: Sports & Stuff E37 - Paul interviews WSU Professor David Leonard, author of Playing While White: Privilege and Power On and Off the Field. audio

November 20 2018: Sports & Stuff E36 - Paul interviews bestselling author Jane Leavy. audio

November 6 2018: Sports & Stuff E35 - Paul interviews local basketball coach and former Harlem Globetrotter Joyce Walker. audio

October 30 2018: Sports & Stuff E34 - Paul interviews Himalayas expedition guide and retired attorney Jeff Rasley. audio

October 23 2018: Sports & Stuff E33 - Paul interviews sports economist Andrew Zimbalist on stadium funding, college sports, and more. audio

October 2 2018: Sports & Stuff E32 - Paul interviews Brian Robinson, cofounder of Save Our Sonics, and political consultant Dean Nielson on stadium funding and the plan to remodel Key Arena. audio

September 25 2018: Sports & Stuff E31 - Paul interviews NYT bestselling author Jeff Pearlman on his new book Football For A Buck about the USFL. audio

September 18 2018: Sports & Stuff E30 - Paul interviews Seattle University Athletic Director Shaney Fink on her career, Seattle U Sports, and more. audio

August 28 2018: Sports & Stuff E29 - Paul interviews legendary NFL Player and Hockey Coach Dave Tippett about bringing a NHL team to Seattle. audio

August 21 2018: Sports & Stuff E28 - Paul interviews longtime sports ticket sales and marketing professional David Gravenkemper on happenings and trends in the sports ticketing world. audio

August 14, 2018: Sports & Stuff E27 - Paul interviews Chris Daniels. audio

July 24, 2018: Sports & Stuff E26 - Paul interviews Neville Johnson. audio

July 13, 2018: Sports & Stuff E25 - Paul interviews Dow Constantine. audio

June 19, 2018: Sports & Stuff E24 - Paul interviews Adam Brown & Jason Reid. audio

June 5, 2018: Sports & Stuff E23 - Paul interviews James Donaldson. audio

May 22, 2018: Sports & Stuff E22 - Paul interviews Edwin Bailey. audio

May 8, 2018: Sports & Stuff E21 - Paul interviews Tywanna Smith. audio

April 17, 2018: Sports & Stuff E20 - Paul interviews Jodi J. Woodruff, attorney and author of Free Agency in Pro Football. audio

April 10, 2018: Sports & Stuff E19 - Paul interviews former pro boxer and Donald Trump bodyguard Mike Suski. audio

March 20, 2018: Sports & Stuff E18 - Paul interviews UW football legend, former NFL player, and former ESPN broadcaster Ed Cunningham. audio

March 13, 2018: Sports & Stuff E17 - Paul interviews former NBA player and author Zaid Abdul-Aziz. audio

February 28, 2018: Sports & Stuff E16 - Paul interviews sports psychologist and author Dr. Ross Flowers about his career, sports psychology, and youth sports. audio

February 8, 2018: Sports & Stuff E15 - Paul interviews UW Athletic Director Jenn Cohen. audio

January 30, 2018: Sports & Stuff E14 - Paul interviews former KJR sports radio host, author, freelance writer, and communications consultant Mike Gastineau. audio

January 9, 2018: Sports & Stuff E13 - Paul interviews Brian Berger, a host of the popular Sports Business Radio podcast and a national sports business and public relations consultant. audio

December 28, 2017: Sports & Stuff E12 - Paul interviews Pat O'Day. audio

December 18, 2017: Sports & Stuff E11 - Paul interviews Eldridge Recasner. audio

November 23, 2017: Sports & Stuff E10 - Paul interviews Slade Gorton. audio

November 13, 2017: Sports & Stuff E09 - Paul interviews Mark Collins. audio

October 30, 2017: Sports & Stuff E08 - Paul interviews Jen Mueller. audio

October 16, 2017: Sports & Stuff E07 - Paul interviews Trish Bostrom. audio

October 2, 2017: Sports & Stuff E06 - Paul interviews Steve Kelley. audio

September 25, 2017: Sports & Stuff E05 - Paul interviews Kevin Calabro. audio

September 11, 2017: Sports & Stuff E04 - Paul interviews Mark Pattison. audio

August 28, 2017: Sports & Stuff E03 - Paul interviews Greg Lewis. audio

August 14, 2017: Sports & Stuff E02 - Paul interviews Bill North. audio

July 31, 2017: Sports & Stuff E01 - Paul interviews Port Commissioner 1 candidate Bea Querido-Rico. audio

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