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Sports & Stuff on Rainier Ave Radio - Highlights

February 8, 2018: The University of Washington Athletic Director, Jen Cohen, joins Paul on the 15th edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' in February 2018.  Jen opens up in this interview about her life and career in college sports and athletic administration. Jen Cohen gives Paul some very direct answers to his questions about some University of Washington athletic program matters; her thoughts about the football program, the men's basketball program, and more.  The listener in this interview also gets Jen's insights about some important policy issues that are occurring in college sports. A lot here for the Husky fan and fans of college sports. audio

January 30, 2018: Paul has an entertaining chat on the 14th edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' with longtime Seattle sports radio host, author, broadcaster, and communications expert Mike Gastineau.  Mike always has a lot of cerebral and folksy insights about sports topics and beyond. We learn more about Mike's career in this interview, his book about the Seattle Sounders, Mike's thoughts about the Seattle arena situation, and other matters.  A Seattle sports fan and other fans will enjoy this back and forth with Mike Gastineau, who has had a presence in the Pacific Northwest sports scene now for over a quarter of century. audio

January 9, 2018: Paul is joined by Portland, Oregon based Sports Business Radio host Brian Berger on the 13th edition of ‘Sports & Stuff.' Besides hosting a popular sports podcast show, Brian is the founder of his own sports entertainment firm BBPR, he founded another entity Everything is On the Record, and Brian Berger is the CEO of the Sports PR Summit.  A good discussion in this interview with Brian about a range of sports business issues that include women's sports, gambling in sports, baseball's long term viability, and Brian's thoughts about the Seattle NBA/NHL situations, and more. audio

December 28, 2017: Legendary broadcaster Pat O'Day joins Paul and Paul's guest co-host Rick Dupree of Rainier Avenue Radio on the twelve edition of ‘Sports & Stuff.' Paul and Rick have a fun discussion with Pat regarding his career in broadcasting, music, entertainment, and his coverage of hydroplane racing.  One can learn more in this interview about some of the famous musicians that Pat has known such as the late Jimi Hendrix, Pat's thoughts about the future of the sport of hydroplane racing, and many other subjects. A good December 2017 holiday time schmooze with the iconic Pat O'Day. audio

December 18, 2017: Paul is joined on the eleventh edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' with Louisiana native, University of Washington basketball legend, former CBA player, longtime NBA player, and current PAC-12 TV basketball broadcaster, Eldridge Recasner.  Good chat in this interview with Eldridge about his life and career, various basketball matters, and other subjects on and off the basketball court. Eldridge is a fun, sharp, and witty guest; he offers some provocative opinions with his unique sense of humor blended into the conversation.  This interview with Eldridge is a good interview for serious basketball fans and also casual fans to hear. audio

November 23, 2017: Sports & Stuff E10 - Paul's guest on the tenth edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' is former Washington state attorney general, U.S. Senator and 9-11 Commission member Slade Gorton.  Paul had an interesting conversation with Slade Gorton about his career in the law, politics and government, with a special focus on Senator Gorton's work on pro sports issues.  Slade Gorton played a pivotal role as attorney general in helping to bring major league baseball back to Seattle, he also intervened in the 1990s to help keep the Mariners in Seattle. A lot of good information in this interview with a well-known American political figure. audio

November 13, 2017: Sports & Stuff E09 - Mark Collins joined Paul on the ninth edition of ‘Sports & Stuff.'  In 1995, Mark founded the Save Our Seahawks organization. Mark's story is about how a blue-collar sports fan played in a role in the effort to keep the Hawks in Seattle in the 1990s.  The King County Council in 2017 passed a resolution recognizing the 20th anniversary of the saving of the Seahawks-Mark and Save Our Seahawks are featured in this resolution.  A fun and robust conversation in this interview with Mark about the Save Our Seahawks movement, football, his charitable work, and some other subjects. audio

October 30, 2017: Sports & Stuff E08 - Paul is joined on the eighth edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' with author and television broadcaster Jen Mueller. Jen has been a Seattle area sports reporter for years covering the Mariners, Seahawks and other sports teams. Jen is also a published author, as well as a frequent speaker.  She has a special focus in helping people improve their sports communications skills. In this interview, one will learn more about Jen and her career, as well as some of Jen's thoughts about the sports media business, and the work that she does covering Seattle teams. audio

October 16, 2017: Sports & Stuff E07 - Patricia ‘Trish' Bostrom is the guest on the seventh edition of ‘Sports & Stuff.'  Trish is a former star pro tennis player who played in the major tennis tournaments. As a young woman, Ms. Bostrom pursued a well-known legal case that resulted in major improvements in the women's tennis program at the University of Washington. She is a member of the UW sports hall of fame and has received many other awards and honors. I had a fascinating discussion with Trish about her tennis career, the sport of tennis, her activism, and some chat about her work as an attorney. audio

October 2, 2017: Sports & Stuff E06 - Steve Kelley is the guest on the sixth edition of ‘Sports & Stuff.' Steve worked at The Seattle Times as a sports journalist for about thirty years until his retirement in 2013. This interview contains a fascinating conversation with Steve about his career and his work in sports journalism, as well as his thoughts on various media and sports issues. Steve presents a provocative, articulate, and entertaining take on sports and other topics. Whether or not the listener agrees with all of this Steve's thoughts, the listener will be engaged and find Steve interesting for sure. audio

September 25, 2017: Sports & Stuff E05 - Paul is joined on the fifth edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' by legendary broadcaster Kevin Calabro. Kevin was the longtime play-by-play announcer of the Seattle Sonics. Kevin has accomplished so much in the sports broadcasting field; he is now the Portland Trailblazers play-by-play announcer. This interview includes a good conversation with Kevin about his career, various sports issues, and the business side of the NBA. The listener will have a chance to learn more about Kevin's life, and also hear some of his perspectives about various matters in the basketball and broadcasting worlds. audio

August 14, 2017: Sports & Stuff E02 - On the second edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' Paul is joined by Seattle native and former Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series Championship member, Bill North. Paul's conversation with Bill includes a discussion about his life and career, as well as Bill's insights about a lot of matters in the sport of baseball. Bill North opens up about about various off-the-field and on-the-field aspects of the sport of baseball, for example, the listener will hear Bill discuss certain labor and ethnic issues that baseball continues to encounter. Bill provides some provocative and thoughtful analysis in this interview. audio

July 31, 2017: Sports & Stuff E01 - On the inaugural edition of ‘Sports & Stuff' Paul is joined by 2017 Seattle Port Commissioner candidate Bea Querido-Rico. Paul had a good conversation with Bea about her career, the work of the Port of Seattle, and other issues. This interview has a special focus on the Seattle SODO neighborhood arena proposal. Bea provides perspectives about this Seattle arena issue in the interview, as well as other matters. The listener will definitely be able to learn more in this interview more about the Port of Seattle, and its operations, and various issues surrounding the Seattle SODO arena proposal. audio

Sports & Stuff Radio Show Archive 

The Sports & Stuff Radio Show Archive contains brief descriptions of and links to all the past editions of Sports & Stuff on Rainier Ave Radio. 

Guest Appearances

June 20, 2015: Interview with Paul Rogers on Seattle Sin Bin podcast talking legalities of NHL in Arizona and Seattle arena issues. audio

May 14, 2013: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM about the Sonics / Kings relocation saga. audio

May 10, 2013: Interview on KRKO 1380 AM about the Sonics / Kings relocation saga. audio

February 23, 2013: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the ILWU lawsuit that attempted to block the SoDo arena plan. audio

June 27, 2012: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the new Chris Hansen arena proposal and Initiative 91 compliance. audio

July 14, 2011: Interview with Bob and Groz on KIRO 710 ESPN Radio discussing the Roger Clemens Federal Court Trial. audio

March 11, 2011: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the NFL Lockout. audio

January 7, 2009: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the BCS and Anti-Trust Law. audio

July 30, 2008: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the aftermath of the Sonics lease trial, Howard Schultz' lawsuit and the prospects to keep the Sonics in Seattle. audio

June 26, 2008: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing closing arguments from the City of Seattle vs. Sonics/PBC Federal Trial. audio

June 25, 2008: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the Sonics Lease Trial. audio

April 23, 2008: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the Sonics lease and lawsuits. audio

April 15, 2008: Interview with Ian Furness and Elise Woodward on KJR 950AM discussing the Sonics move, Howard Schultz' lawsuit and other legal issues surrounding the team's relocation. audio

October 29, 2007: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the Federal judge's ruling denying the PBC's motion to place the Sonics legal dispute in arbitration. audio

September 21, 2007: Interview with Ian Furness on KJR 950AM discussing the implications of Clay Bennett and the PBC filing for arbitration to break the Sonics lease before the 2007-08 season. audio

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